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It’s the end of the semester, and on monday I ran into a pile of old books that were up for grabs before going into the trash. Imagine my astonishment as I opened a plain black three-ring binder and discovered New LetterGraphics Styles 1969, a type catalog from LetterGraphics of Culver City, California. It was disheveled and out of order, but I was looking at type specimens from 1969! Rock and roll!!!
    Here, purely for your enjoyment, are some representative specimens. The fonts, from top to bottom, are Arriola Caslon, Bookman Bold Swash, Brandywine, Data Process, Cooper Italic Swash, Flair Lined Caps, Oxford Italic, Holiday and Manhattan.


Lance Miller said:

I worked as the Production Manager at LetterGraphics from 1965 through mid 1968. We provided handset and phototypositor type to wide range of clients including "Playboy Magazine", Road and Track" MGM Studios, and Vanguard Records.

My favorite memory was the work that we did on the Monterey Pop Festival program under the direction of the now legendary Tom Wilkes.

W. Paul Bailey was the founder and guiding genius of LetterGraphics.

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